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KOSHIDA CORPORATION is a general trading company founded in 1930.
In compliance with the changing business environment, we have been steadily expanding our line of business, which started from automotive electrical equipments, followed by semiconductors and the retail of mobile phones as well as automobile and motorcycle markets. Koshida Group has been trying our best to provide products and services with more values and benefits to our customers.

Business Domain Expansion

90 and more years we have experienced the growth of industry and society surrounding us. At its founding, our automotive equipment business started off with us acting as the exclusive agent for Mitsubishi Electric's auto parts for the Eastern region of Japan. The company scope has expanded to a wide range of business sectors of the automotive industry and we have made great contributions to the growth of the automotive industry. Since then, our semiconductor related business has grown and we serve as a major part of the overseas business strategic force for Mitsubishi Electric's semiconductor operations. With these additions, we now support the manufacturing operations of companies both within Japan and overseas.

We’ve also expanded our service and support for the car phone industry, which helped us to delve further into the mobile phone business. Our mobile phone store operations help address multiple consumer requirements, which helps us serve and contribute to the growth of the mobile phone market. In recent years, we offer security and network integration with the Cloud and have been providing holistic solutions to meet new and upcoming needs from our corporate customers with lots of new technology. Looking forward, we will continue aggressively developing new businesses to meet ever-evolving societal expectations, industry changes, and customer requirements.


Values provided by Koshida

Adjustment function to support manufacturing operations

Leading-edge components are vital to the R&D of most competitive new products. Concerns and questions typically revolve around how such a large number of parts can be supplied continously and constantly to customers, and how support is offered to customers having non-working parts or when any issues occur. We are here to standby and help solve any issues and problems between product manufacturers and part suppliers. Since we know the onsite operations of both product manufacturers and part suppliers, we are able to offer the best solutions by mitigating the issues and problems from the standpoint of both parties. This will contribute to the efficiency and benefits of manufacturing for our customers.


Providing information beneficial to businesses

Our functions are not only limited to supply products and provide services to our customers. Our key mission is to provide information which will help our customers to determine their next business growth strategy. We provide information to support our customers for their future manufacturing and creation of new businesses.

Services to provide new values

Customers have many different types of issues and concerns. We offer a wide range of services which will enhance the competitive advantage of companies - from proposals on new products, providing new materials for upgrading manufacturing, development of business systems like production control systems, to IT services for assisting operations.

Retail business know-how

Our group has resourceful experiences and knowhow in the B2C market from our involvement in consumer retail business. Our mobile business implements excellent store management to comply efficiently with consumer needs and requirements, while our motorcycle business successfully generates regular customers by implementing value-added sales with its uniquely designed stores targeting mature motorcycle enthusiasts.

Correlation between consumer businesses and group companies

Overseas Network

Our overseas operations first started in Korea for selling semiconductors more than 30 years ago. The semiconductor business in Korea grew to a big business by our efforts in building up sales channels and human network and gaining trust from our customers with our faithful services. Currently, our overseas network has expanded to China, Southeast Asia and Latin America and has been supplying semiconductors and other products to those regions as well as to procure some products from those regions. KOSHIDA CORPORATION's overseas market supports the global business expansion for our customers.

Our Overseas Network

Our Business Philosophy

We are never satisfied with the business for selling products without any business functions. Our mission is to settle our Customers' issues and problems with our creativity and speciality and to have satisfaction and confidence from our Customers. Offering the most beneficial products to our Customers' manufacturing operations and supplying them in consistently, providing many different kind of services and information to help support the management, starting up new businesses for our Customers, etc.....those are all part of it. One of the key factors to achieve our mission is "Our Employees." All of our employees is spending every efforts to be an expert in offering the most realistic solution and its consistent and timely execution to our Customers for their issues and concerns. Another key factor is "Group Collaboration." Specific approach and actions are in place to provide the most beneficial services and information by combining those available from Our Group companies to our Customers in accordance with each of our Customers' issues and concerns. All of those for our Customers. Please watch and count on us, as we will keep evolving with our Customers.

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