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IT Services

IT Services

From developing business systems to its operations.
Promoting IT business that supports the improvement of corporate IT systems.

Our mission is not only selling products and services, but solving customer issues and problems. We are engaging in various IT business, including the development and operation of projects contracted from major IT vendors in Japan, and the offshore development and production management systems – mainly MES* in China. We provide leading-edge IT systems by working and collaborating with our Group companies to meet customer needs.

*MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems

Business Activities

  • Support for group companies' software development, maintenance and operation
  • Support for developing and operating production management solutions in Japan and overseas
  • Support for group companies' offshore software development and collaboration

Group Companies

Group companies in Japan
  • Koshida System Engineering Co., Ltd. (KSE)
Overseas – Group companies in China
  • Shanghai Area
    Shanghai IT: Koshida Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (KST)

Projects Undertaken by Koshida and its Group Companies

Software development from major ICT vendors in Japan

ICT companies in Koshida Group accept contracts for software development directly from major vendors, giving us many opportunities to participate in these projects from upstream. Our proposals are very often accepted and used due to our extensive experiences and knowledge.
Recently, we have been working on AI systems – developing chatbots and machine-learning applications – and are now focusing on deep learning and blockchain technologies.

Large-scale software development works with offshore

For large-scale software development, we sometimes work and collaborate with our Chinese group companies . These companies have been involved in offshore development with Japanese companies for many years, and have worked on system development projects for over billions of yen. Their staff is very familiar with Japanese practices and the emphasis on Japanese quality as well as communicating in Japanese is not a problem at all.

Supporting maintenance & operation for major ICT vendors

After software development is completed, our Group ICT companies provide a set of maintenance and operation services, mainly for the business systems of major vendors. Notably Koshida System Engineering Co., Ltd. (KSE) and Koshida Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (KST) are involved in the maintenance and operations of important systems that handle the ticket charges and customer information management for a major airline, working for the airline’s ICT companies. They have earned a good reputation for supporting such large-scale, mission-critical systems. KSE’s support and its reliable handling of various system issues that arise on-site has been highly praised and rewarded by winning several awards.

IT engineers supporting customers’ system operations

Despite the problem of high IT human resources turnover, our IT engineers keep providing services to customers in accordance with their needs and requirements consistently and will never forget that mission. Processes from system development to its maintenance/operations can be executed more reliably and the system consistency can be maintained by constantly improving the service level to ensure that the technologies and practices are shared among our engineers. Our IT engineers are well aware of our customers' systems and ensure stable operations with their sophisticated management from their extensive experiences.

Developing competitive software in-house

We have been engaging in setting up, operating and maintaining business systems, including management operation, etc. for many years. Our next plan is to offer manage systems that support the core business of a company, such as systems for production, logistics and others. And in addition, for system development, we plan to make our in-house software using the latest technology like blockchain, IoT, etc. and offer the solutions using that competitive software to customers for supporting their business.

Offshore development – from system development for Japanese companies overseas, to production management systems for Chinese companies

We jointly established Koshida Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. with Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems (MDIS), one of the ICT companies for Mitsubishi Electric to conduct offshore software developments(verification work) for automobile navigation system in China. The initial objective was offshore software development, however the company now offers services such as the development and operational support for Japanese companies in China with more sophisticated technical skills accumulated by our SEs. The company is also engaging in the “Made in China 2025” national project. Our Group company in China has formed an alliance with a major electronics manufacturer to develop a production management system, with focus on MES solutions, and is contributing to the factory automation with IT technologies.

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