Supporting ongoing and future store management with our exceptional expertise.
Our mobile business supports the evolution of mobile communications.

Koshida Group has been involved with the mobile phone industry since its inception by engaging in mobile store operations. By focusing on setting up stores and providing service that meets specific customer needs, we have been supporting the most advanced of lifestyles. Koshida Group is prepared to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Products & Services

  • Koshida Group

    • ●Mobile phone sales at stores operated by Group companies

    • ●Procurement/promotion of peripherals, including smart devices and accessories, etc. for Group companies engaging in mobile phone store operation
    • ●Support for store management & operation

Our Mobile Business

Operating mobile phone stores supporting both customers and community

The service and support for Mitsubishi Electric's car phone sales lead to the establishment of our mobile phone business. We have been expanding this business by engaging in store management through our Group companies and gaining lots of experience and knowledge on the B2C business. Our Group stores have been making very high achievements amongst various phone carrier stores due to our unique product lineup and services, as well as tailored and sophiscated customer service that meets user needs.

Helping to improve store quality

Koshida Group continually strives to improve its store quality to meet our customers' diversifying needs by sharing best practices and putting together our own operation manuals. Another focus is enhancing the competence of the operating stores like upgrading their personel evaluation system. New lifestyle ideas are offered by our stores through our own community enrichment activities such as smartphone classes for seniors due to the ever maturing mobile phone market.

Reinforced Promotion Business

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