Privacy Policy

KOSHIDA CORPORATION recognizes that our customers’ personal information need to be protected and are very important management information to our company. We declare that we will act according to the following rules and regulations to properly protect our customers’ personal information and continually maintain mutual trust with our customers;
1. Proper collection and handling of personal information
Collecting and using personal data against the intention of the person is a violation of rights and we will lose the trust as a corporation. Therefore, we will be documenting the management rules in writing such as collection and handling of personal information, and will manage personal information appropriately. When collecting personal data from our customers, we will collect the necessary personal data only, after clearly showing the purpose of the collection and our contact information to customers. Additionally, we use the customers’ personal data to the extent within the purpose of the usage specified to customers. Also, unless legally required, we will not disclose or provide the personal data to third parties without obtaining prior approval from customers. Furthermore, when providing customers' personal data to our business contractors, we require our business contractors to protect personal information(data) by non-disclosure agreement or any other means and manage and watch them to handle personal information(data) properly.
2. Measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information
In order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, KOSHIDA CORPORATION will implement information security measures such as protection of unauthorized access and anti-virus and others.
3. Compliance with the laws and other standards
In handling personal information(data), KOSHIDA CORPORATION will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and other standards, and act in accordance with the company in-house regulations. In addition, KOSHIDA CORPORATION will educate and cultivate not only employees but also officers.
4. Continuous improvement of Privacy Policy
We will be documentating in writing and implement in-house rules on personal information protection and continuously improve it.
5. Referral and inquiry
For inquiries, corrections, and deletions, as well as complaints and consultations of personal information, please contact the following office by the owner of the information;. Additionally, KOSHIDA CORPORATION may send information related to our services and products via e-mail or newsletter. If a customer wishes to stop receiving such information, please contact the following to unsubscribe those;.
Please send your e-mail regarding the company’s privacy policy and handling of personal information to:
Please send your e-mail to the aforementioned e-mail address regarding the claim procedure of disclosure of personal data held by our company, such as disclosure, revision, suspension of use. We will periodically review the aforementioned as needed. In the case of any revisions and changes, we will notify them here on this page.

Revised on April 1, 2019
Ryozo Koshida
President and CEO

Purpose of Handling of Personal Information

The purpose of handling personal information in possession by KOSHIDA CORPORATION will be publicly disclosed as follows.
In addition, we will not handle personal information beyond the purpose of the usage(described in the below) without the consent of the owner of personal information. Also, when the company changes the purpose of the usage, those changes will be implemented to the extent related to the purpose of usage before the change.
Type Purpose of usage
Customer personal information related to the sales of automobile related products To support ETC setup, product shipping, repair, etc.
Customer personal information provided at the time of membership registration To get in touch, provide information on events, conduct questionnaires, etc.
Customer personal information provided at the time of mobile (smartphone) membership registration To send e-mail newsletters, conduct questionnaires, etc.
Personal information of customers participated at an event To get in touch, provide information on events, conduct questionnaires, etc.
Personal information of customers relating to rental or sales of motorcycles To get in touch
Personal information obtained through business transactions To get in touch, product shipping, repair and other support
Customers' personal data for customers' identification in purchase transactions, other transactions, etc. of products(secondhand products, etc.). Proof of own identity as well as communication/inquiries in regard to product transactions.
Personal information of customers collected from inquiries at our corporate website(Japanese) To answer questions regarding products and services offered by our company
Personal Information of customers collected from application for any events like seminars, etc. at our corporate website To answer and take actions to application for any events, like seminars, etc.
To provide information and leading to necessary actions for the products, services, etc. offered by our company
Personal information collected at the time of employment To decide recruitment or rejection

In order to provide services to customers, based on the company’s privacy policy, we have provided necessary personal information(data) to our group companies under appropriate control and management. Also, the type and handing purpose of personal data to be used jointly are equivalent to the aforementioned; KOSHIDA CORPORATION will be responsible for the management of the data.

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