Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Vision

Based on our corporate philosophy of “Always exercising our creativity and expertise, for the trust and satisfaction from our Customers and Business Partners and comply with laws and social rules" we will work promoting to improve transparency of business activities and management for realizing the corporate management to get trust from society.

Environmental Policy

Fundamental Philosophy

We, Koshida Group will take actions in consideration of environmental load-reduction and preservation of the global environment in every aspect of our business activities, including those related to automobiles, semiconductors, mobile phones, system solutions, IT, and motorcycles.

Fundamental Policy

  1. We will continue improving our environmental management system by gaining a clear understanding of the environmental aspects of our business activities and striving to protect the environment, such as preventing pollution, and furthermore we will set environmental objectives and goals.
  2. We will strive to conserve the environment by complying with environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements, as well as with customers' requirements and with other stipulations to which we agree, setting voluntary standards as needed.
  3. We will consider the environmental impact of the business activities, products, and services of our company, promoting environmental protection activities by focusing on the following:
    (1) Reduction of waste and promotion of resource & energy savings;
    (2) Proactive proposals and sales of environmentally conscious products;
    (3) Appropriate management of chemical substances contained in products; and
    (4) Encouraging employees, through environmental protection activities, to think about the true nature of things.
  4. We will continue maintaining and improving our environmental management system and environmental protection activities through internal environmental audits.
  5. As well as documenting and posting our environmental policy, through environmental education we will make all employees fully known to the policy and try to raise their awareness of the importance of environmental protection. Additionally, our environmental policy will be publicized through PR activities, giving everyone free access to them.

Established: March 1, 2009
Revised: November 14, 2017
Ryozo Koshida, President and CEO of KOSHIDA CORPORATION

Information Security Fundamental Policy

We, KOSHIDA CORPORATION (hereinafter “our company”), take actions to contribute to society through sincere activities in compliance with applicable laws, company regulations, social regulations and corporate ethics. In conducting our company’s business activities – including those involving automotive electric equipments, semiconductors, mobile phones, IT, and motorcycles – we are aware of the importance of carefully handling customers’ confidential and personal data (hereinafter “information assets”) as well as the information assets that relate to our company. Therefore, we will commit the activities described in the below. Since to protect these information assets from any threat – such as unauthorized access, loss, theft and destruction –, to maintain and manage them so that they can be used appropriately to facilitate business activities are our purpose of the informaiton security.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations, rules, and contracts signed with our customers and external organizations on information security;
  2. We will strive to identify all threats and vulnerabilities involving the handling of information assets, and properly manage the assets based on a clear understanding of the probability and extent of their occurrence;
  3. We will educate and conduct training to all employees on the importance of this policy and the proper management of information assets;
  4. We will put this policy into effect on establishing an information security management system, and continue monitoring its operational status, as well as continuously maintaining and improving the system;
  5. If problems relating to information security occur, we will promptly deal with incident reports and, based on cause analysis, take emergency measures as needed to prevent the recurrence of the problems; and
  6. To minimize the impact on business activities, a recovery plan will be made to ensure business continuity even in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

Established: October 1, 2003
Revised: October 8, 2015
Ryozo Koshida, President and CEO of KOSHIDA CORPORATION

Koshida Group ISO 27001 Certification Range

  • KOSHIDA CORPORATION Head Office (Audit Office, General Affairs Dept., Human Resources Dept., Finance & Accounting Dept., Business Planning Dept., Information Systems Dept., and Motorcycle Business Division)
  • Koshida System Engineering Co., Ltd.
IS 589214 / ISO27001
Certification acquired on December 10, 2012
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