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Antimicrobial Business

Antimicrobial Business

Innovation by antimicrobial solution for expanding the possibilities of Products by supporting the next generation product development with new added values

How are we able to comply with the needs by consumers for safety, security and health of products in their life? How are our customers (manufacturers of products) able to make their products more competitive with new added value? We offer "MILLION GUARD*" with our dedicated fine-tuned services to our customers for their new product with antimicrobial solution to support the growth of their business to consumers.
*Manufacturered and Patented by Koa Glass Co., Ltd.

"MILLION GUARD," antimicrobial for innovating the product

"MILLION GUARD" consists of inorganic antibacterial glass particles. Silver(Ag) and other chemiclas which have good antibacterial effects in stable conditions are mixed in glass composition(with lower chemical durability). It has excellent antibacterial effects against bacteria. This product can be used in a wide range of markets and applications, such as being mixed with plastic products or garments, as this product has excellent safety and heat-resistance features.

"MILLION GUARD" Advantages

Transparency (no impact on the product design, its color)
Transparency for similar products like porous antibacterial is a problem, which causes impact to the color of the end product. However, "MILLION GUARD" is transparant glass in micronization and is able to keep its transparency by mixing it with transparent base resin like PS, AS, PE, PET, ABS, PC, transparent PP, etc. after making its refractive index very close to that of the base resin by changing its glass composition.
Durability(effective for very long time)
Porous carrier by ion exchange is often used in traditional antibacterial products, and its antibacterial effect is dramatically decreased as time goes by due to the easier leak of its antibacterial ingredients. "MILLION GUARD" is able to keep its antibacterial effect for a very long time. Since its antibacterial ingredients are kept in homogeneous condition in water-soluble glass and have sustained release feature.
Low Addition Rate(for achieving total cost reduction)
Total Cost Reduction is achievable since it works and shows excellent antibacterial effect even at a low addition rate.
Safety(Can be used with confidence. Since it is an inorganic material)
Extremely Safe. Since it is an inorganic antibacterial glass particle from inorganic ingredients(metal ion) composed in homogeneous condition.
Smaller size(diameter) and its good tolerance(for good productivity with few problems during production by customers)
"MILLION GUARD" is available in different sizes (diameter) in accordance with customer requirements and their varied manufacturing processes. It can be used without any problems on injection molding, blow modling, and extrusion molding. It can also be used efficiently in the manufacturing process of high tolerance materials like textile, film, etc, since the tolerance of its particle size is extremely minimized.

"MILLION GUARD" type and form in accordance with end-products and its material

"MILLION GUARD" is available in 2 types and 3 forms

Additive Type

Master Batch (Additive Type)
For thermoplastic resin(material of end-products). "MILLION GUARD" is dispersed in high concentration.
・ Easier to process than powder. Mixing processes and work for manufacturing can be incredibly reduced
・ End-products with antimicrobial protection can be completed by mixing and diluting it with each base resin
Powder (Additive Type)
Glass particles with inorganic antimicrobial inside
・ For thermosetting resin(BMC, SMC, etc.)
・ During the mixing process, please pay utmost attention so that it won't lump up
・ Please pay attention to the storage. Since it is water soluble glass

Dissolution Type

Tablet (Water Soluble)
Dissolving in water and Silver (Ag) ion eluting slightly from tablet
・ Make water section product protective with antimicrobial. Example: air conditioner drain, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
・ Safety, heat-resistance and stability: superior (as it is inorganic)
・ Dissolution speed can be adjustable by changing its glass composition

Supporting customers' business for antimicrobial products

Many customers in different industries and markets are partnering with us to develop the next generation antimicrobial products

Solving problems and issues for customers using other antimicrobial products

Toothbrush manufacturer
Customer's problems from production of the brush portion of toothbrushes were solved completely by switching the antimicrobial product to "MILLION GUARD." Incredibe good tolerance and smaller diameter helped to solve their problems and customer's productivity has been improved significantly.
Thermal bottle manufacturer
Long lasting antimicrobial effect has been achieved dramatically by using "MILLION GUARD" in a customer's thermal bottle
Medical equipment manufacturer
Our partner was the first company to start using "MILLION GUARD" in bezel for Medical LCD monitor and has been supplying Medical LCD monitor with antimicrobial protection since 2003 for endoscopy market. Product differentiation was successfully achieved.
Room air conditioner manufacturer
Tablet type "Millon Guard" was placed at the drain of the room air conditioner and breeding of bacteria and slime formation have been protected. Due to this, water leakage from the drain pan has been prevented.

Creating new products

Groundbreaking antimicrobial textile
Replacing a conventional antimicrobial used for clothing by placing it on its post-processed surface with "MILLION GUARD" mixed in the chemical fiber, greatly increases antimicrobial effect. New antimicrobial clothing has been co-developed with a major textile manufacturer. At the verification testing, antimicrobial effect was confirmed even after 50 washing cycles. Application to wide ranges of products and fields is expected such as inner wear, sportswear, mask, automotive interior material, etc.

Your partner: Developing new antimicrobial world with our customers

Products with only antimicrobial effects are not as appealing to consumers, since many antimicrobial products are available in the market. In order to differentiate from these products on the market we will work closely with the customer to create a business strategy and improve effiency of production. We will support the creation of new business!

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