Security/Network Solution

Security/Network Solution

Connecting people to people, and people to things, our security/network solution business enhances safety and confidence.
We offer a variety of solutions, primarily employing video monitoring and IoT.

In "The era when ICT supports humans", we will support projects and business with our IoT solutions which make use of GPS location data, video data, data from various sensors, etc.

Our Solutions

Cloud services help customers solve problems

About twenty years ago we established and started to offer our own service platform infrastructure to our customers to provide services in a timely manner and to be used easily for a variety of their business needs. This has now evolved into "GENES Cloud Services." We are providing cloud services for remote monitoring, remote operation, and video distribution to customers in a broad range of industries. With many years of accumulated knowledge, we provide solutions leading to the improvement of customer business. Examples include a vehicle dynamic management system for the logistics industry that manages location of truck and cargo in real time, as well as the equipment monitoring & control system for industrial plants, water purification facilities and greenhouses, etc.

In-vehicle system that streamlines vehicle management

Our vehicle operation control systems and communication systems enable the operation center to monitor and communicate the movement and operation instructions for each vehicle. We also offer systems for securing vehicle safety including rear view cameras. We even differentiate ourselves in the tourism industry by providing solutions for improving business efficiency and operation safety such as Wi-Fi router installation for tour buses.

Security systems for
protecting corporation

Since security arrangements are increasingly important to avoid risks for business and corporate management, we supply network surveillance camera systems and cloud-based surveillance camera systems to a wide range of industries, such as retail distribution, supply logistics, and financial institutions. Installing surveillance cameras help to prevent unauthorized access and theft. Archived recordings play a key role in identifying the problem, taking necessary actions quickly, and preparing for potential litigation risks if any incidents and problems occurred. Customers in diverse industries – distribution warehousing, pharmaceuticals, finance, etc. – use our security systems to protect their company and employees as well as winning the trust from their customers.

Cloud-based digital signage

Our affiliated company, “Auto Zeus Corporation,” offer digital signage (digital signboard) services using our GENES Cloud service. To improve advertisements and connections with customers, real time information is available by displaying the data on various social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. This signage is widely used at restaurants, apparel stores, fitness gyms, motorcycle stores, etc. and differentiates them from their competitors.

Commitment for offering new services

The driving force for our new service development comes from our daily encounters with real customer concerns on business sites. We will develop services in a timely manner by collaborating with our engineering center and outside partners, while also complying with customer requirements like coordinating with their existing systems. As our customer's needs are always our top priority, we will continue providing value by employing the latest technologies and collaborating with our partners specialized in each market.

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