Semiconductors &
Electronic Devices

Semiconductors &
Electronic Devices

We support leading-edge manufacturing industries across borders.
We have business in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia, and are targeting further global expansion.

We supply Mitsubishi Electric, Domestic and overseas semiconductor products/electronic devices to leading consumer/industrial manufacturers (including automotive) in Japan and overseas. Our network extends to support production and sales of manufacturers whose manufacturing bases are located extensively in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

Products & Services

  • Mitsubishi Electric power
  • Mitsubishi Electric light-emitting
    semiconductors for communications applications
  • Domestic and overseas semiconductor products/
    electronic devices
Products typical applications
Power semiconductors Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, Automotive, elevators
Optical devices Projectors, optical communications
High-frequency optical devices Mobile Phone Base stations, radios, optical fiber Communications, etc.
Display Devices Camera, Factory Automation, Instrument, white goods, Automotive, etc.
Contact image sensors ATMs, visual inspection system, etc.
MCUs Consumer, Industrial, etc.
Discrete Semiconductors Consumer, Industrial, etc.
Sensors Air conditioners, Smart meters, Automotive, etc.

Our Solutions

Contributing to the growth of manufacturers with our global network

Koshida’s semiconductor and electronic device business are expanding worldwide. Our sourcing for suppliers of electronic devices has widened from Japan to Taiwan, and with the globalization of customer production locations, we now also supply to factories in China, South Korea, and Thailand. Additionally we have new customers for new applications – for example, providing services with our expertises obtained from dynamic state management, technical support and troubleshooting, etc. to car manufacturers. Furthermore, we support the development of new products for semiconductor companies by incorporating customer needs to the next generation of power semiconductors. Koshida continues supporting the development of the manufacturing industry by supplying products and working to cover the best interets of both customers and suppliers.

Developing the Korean market with dedicated customer service

Our semiconductor and electronic device business started with exporting Mitsubishi Electric semiconductors to South Korea. That business in South Korea grew significantly due to our dedicated customer support and services such as detailed technical support, on-time delivery, and quick troubleshooting. The intregration of inverters has contributed to the high-performance and low-power consumption semiconductors, which has helped improve the quality of Korean home appliances and kept them competitive in the Global market.

Supporting product development by our FAEs

The technical support by our FAEs (Field Application Engineers) is the main backbone of our high-quality customer support. Since semiconductors and electronic devices are impacted by infavorable factors such as electromagnetic noise, it is very critical to pay utmost attention to such factors for the R&D of new products. Our FAEs work very closely with semiconductor companies to provide information and advice on using semiconductors and work with customers for supporting their product development. With the support of our FAEs who are experts in both digital and analog semiconductors, our customers are able to use leading-edge technology and electronic devices such as SiC power semiconductors and GaN high-frequency devices with full confidence.

Achieving a stable supply of parts utilizing dynamic state management

Our mission as a semiconductor trading company is to ship products with focused precision on timing and quantity in order to service our customer production lines at their exact time of need. However, as semiconductor manufacturing requires a lead time of several months, it is not possible to achieve our mission if we await customer orders without proactive action. To fill this gap, we incorporate a system called dynamic demand management. We project 6 months of customer demand by analyzing our own available inventory, our customer inventory, and historical quantities used by customers on production lines based on prior orders. By leveraging that forecast with semiconductor companies, it is possible to arrange necessary production needs while also being able to address sudden changes or requests from our customers. Our dynamic demand management protects the interests of our stakeholders by maintaining a reliable source of supply to our customers, while also providing good production schedule management for semiconductor companies.

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