RICOLAND provides unique
high-quality services.
Our motorcycle related business provides
tailored products and services targeted to
the mature motorcycle enthusiasts.

We operate the RICOLAND franchise chain, which specializes in the personalized sales/installation of motorcycle parts and accessories. Regular customers and value-added sales were materialized due to our efforts on the store management targeting matured hobby riders.

Products & Services

  • ●Sales and installation of motorcycle parts and accessories(helmets, motorcycle apparel, custom parts, consumables), vehicle inspection and maintenance, rentals
  • ●Importing Vintage motorcycles, restoration/maintenance of vintage motorcycles

Our Solutions

Motorcycle stores for mature riders

Operating 25 "RICOLAND" motorcycle parts/accessories & service stores in Japan. The differentiation of our stores is achieved by targeting mature hobbby riders and making the concept of each store clear and straightforward.
RICOLAND has obtained a very good reputation from many customers as one of the few chain stores meeting expectations and requirements of mature motorcycle riders by offering high-quality meticulous service and skilled installation by our knowledgeable and experienced employees. We also operate 6 "NANKAI BUHIN" member stores in Japan.

  • TOKYO BAY Shinonome Store

  • In-Store View TOKYO BAY Shinonome Store

  • NANKAI BUHIN Kagoshima Store

  • In-Store View NANKAI BUHIN Kagoshima Store

Creating stores for various services and hobbies

We also operate importing from overseas, selling and doing restoration of 1970's Japanese vintage motorcycles in Japan. In addition, our Group Company, Techno Koshida operates BMW Motorad dealer stores in Japan.
Our specialists always think and treat customers as first priority and offer best solutions in accordance with their needs and requirements. We keep expanding our motorcycle related business with brick and mortar stores as our core principle of prioritizing customer care which we learned from B2B business.

  • Hara Factory (Yokohama)

  • In-Store View Hara Factory (Yokohama)

Reinforced Promotion Business

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