Automobile Products & Services

Automobile Products & Services

Operating AUTOBACS stores in Japan and overseas.
Sales for automobile parts & accessories and services from our expertise as a general trading company.

Our retail business for automobile parts and accessories is operating AUTOBACS stores as franchisee in Japan and overseas and offering a wide selection of products and services.

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Automobile parts & accessories

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AUTOBACS stores: operating in Japan and overseas

In 2003 we started doing business for retail sales of automobile parts and accessories after selling and offering support for automotive parts for many years. The expansion came from a strong desire to obtain wider experiences after supplying equipment and parts to aftermarket in the automotive industry. We've become a franchisee of AUTOBACS Seven (leading company for this retail market in Japan) and our group company, FUNUS, operates AUTOBACS stores in Japan, while Koshida Taiwan Automotive operates AUTOBACS stores in Taiwan.

  • Super AUTOBACS Shin-koiwa Store

  • Super AUTOBACS Adachi Store

  • Kahei Interchange Store

  • Edogawa Store

  • Ota-Magome Store

Making use of our experiences and expertise in the automotive equipment business

We support AUTOBACS store operations in Japan and Taiwan, making use of our experience and expertise we have obtained over many years selling Mitsubishi Electric’s automotive parts & equipments. We will also support the improvement of existing products and the development of new products by giving feedback and information on end-user and market needs obtained at our retail shops to Mitsubishi Electric.

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