Support the aftermarket
and services
for automotive related industry.

At our company's 3rd year, we started working as an exclusive agent for the Eastern Japan region of Mitsubishi Electric's automotive equipments. Almost 90 years have passed and we have been evolving with Japanese automotive industry since its early days. Currently offering sales support for aftermarket and after-service through our service network for the Eastern part of Japan.

Our Solutions

Aftermarket sales and
sales support

Aftermarket plays an important role in helping drivers improve their auto experiences. Koshida engages in selling and doing sales promotion as well as offering after sales support services for aftermarket products such as car navigation systems, onboard ETC devices and dashcam, etc. In addition to providing products, we give advices and explanation of products and the set up of sales floors, making our business attractive to customers to increase our customer satisfaction and store sales.

Service network at 182 locations

After-service is most critial and essential to automotive equipments since they are operated under a very tough environment in the vehicle. We support a comfortable driving experience and good quality maintenance of products through service network and its mutual communication at 182 locations in Eastern region of Japan. The best quality of service is always maintained by sharing the field information on product quality trend, maintenance service information and the training for engineering staffs. If any problems arise with the product, we work quickly to solve issues by communicating with all service network locations simultaneously. Sales of Mitsubishi Electric's electrical equipments is supported by that high quality standard service network for the whole automotive industry.
In addition to Mitsubishi Electric's electrical equipments, wide variety of vehicle aftermarket products including other companies' products like dashboard camera, advanced driving assistance camera system, etc. is handled. End-to-end support from sales, installer arrangement to after-sales service is provided for those products, too.

Service Network

Our services for the other manufacturing industries

By making use of our experience and know-how we've accumulated in the automotive industry, we provide high quality service to customers in the construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. and other industry segments for requirements covering product engineering to the conditions of supply and shipment.

  • Motor-generators
  • Starters
  • Alternators

Overseas Business

We have been contributing to the development of China’s automotive industry through exporting automotive equipments and parts, local business transactions, and investments in companies with good prospects. Our Beijing Representative Office introduces Made in Japan equipments and parts to China's automobile manufacturers and related industries, and promotes cooperation between Chinese and Japanese manufacturers. In addition, we are expanding our business base in China. A wholly owned subsidiary, Koshida Trading (Beijing) Ltd. was established in 2010, and its subsidiary was opened in Changchun. In 2011, together with QiMing Information Technology Co., Ltd.(a member of the China FAW Group) and Mitsubishi Electric, we made an investment in Changchun Qiming Lingdian Automotive Electronics Company Ltd. in Changchun, China to develop, manufacture and sell car navigation and audio products. Currently the car market in China has growing needs and requirements for vehicles with emission controls and environment friendly features. We supply high-performance products, such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) valves and turbocharger actuators to local engine manufacturers and global auto part manufacturer facilities in China.

Reinforced Promotion Business

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